23 novembre 2010

defi jeune 2010

Bonne nouvelle de cette fin novembre, le projet "les 4 saisons de Paanäjarvi  à été primé par le jury Defi Jeune PACA et doté d'une bourse de 5000 euros!! Merci!
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17 novembre 2010

Location spoting in Svanetia

We spent the first two weeks of November with Nicolas In Georgia for the preparation of our upcoming field recording project in Svanetia, a remote moutainous region of the southern Caucasus. The project is about the soundscape and sound memory of Svanetia. We'll be working in echo to the silent 1930's documentary Djim Shvante (Salt for Svanetia) by famous director M. Kalatozov and interrogate the soundscape of the region, 80 years after the filming. It will be done in two parts: the first part is a collection of sounds, a... [Lire la suite]
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