01 septembre 2011

New release on E&C: Above The Tree - Blues Action

Elephant and Castles is proud to announce the release of Above the Tree's new live album! Blues Action is a live performance recorded in La Linea in Aljeciras, southern Spain in early spring 2011. A very excited audience was given a brutal and nervous concert with most of Above the Tree’s last album to date. Available for free dow,load on www.elephantandcastles.com
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30 mai 2011

New release on E&C: Ching Ching - We sing songs to you about you

  We are proud to announce the release of Ching Ching's new album on Elephant and Castles! We sing songs to you about you is a true masterpiece of pop oddity, german cabaret and pure joy that will make you dance, laugh and cry in 12 stormy tracks. Sometimes delicate as a flamingo feather and sometimes as nervy as Klaus Nomi it features the original Ching Ching set of piano, saw, banjo and voices plus additional beats and grooves by producer and friend Kevin Blechdom. The whole album will be available for free download on the... [Lire la suite]
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22 mai 2010

Elephant and Castles: NEW WEBSITE!

Elephant and Castles now has a brand new great looking website! New features are easy free download, online shop and artists pages. It will also be updated regularly with news from the bands and projects. Many thanks to Gilles and Patrick for their time, patience and work! check it here:www.elephantandcastles.com Next releases are expected for the autumn with a cd and a 10" vynil. Enjoy!
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29 mars 2009

Elephant And Castles first releases!

Elephant and Castles is a four-hand record label investigating and cultivating a field in between documentary, field recording, unusual sound practices and delicate music. All the releases are available both as free downloads on the website and as limited editions cdrs with home-made artwork and beautifull packaging.The releases are available from now on on cds and very soon for free download on the website:www.elephantandcastles.com EC001: Karaoke Amorella (cd) An amazing recording of a karaoke on the night ferry... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2009


On travail dessus depuis quelque temps déjà et ca y est les premières sorties cd sont prêtes! Pour feter tout ca un concert de qualité! à l'Espace en Cours à Paris ce samedi 28 Mars!Pour plus d'informations sur le label, les sorties et bientot le telechargement des disques, un petit tour là:www.elephantandcastles.comSAMEDI 28 MARS à partir de 18H30pour fêter la sortie de ses premiers disques Elephant and Castles   vous invite à son concert de lancement avec:take: + Aymeric Hainaux (paris)son du corps et guitare préparée ... [Lire la suite]
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