01 octobre 2011

Spring in Paanäjarvi on RADIA

And the sun came up  lundi 3 octobre à 23h30 sur Radio Grenouille et sur les 20 radios du réseau Radia :  http://www.radia.fm Ecouter / Listen And the sun came up est la première pièce d'un projet initié en 2010 autour du paysage sonore du petit village russe de Paanajärvi. Isolé au milieu des grandes forêts primaires de Carélie orientale, Paanajärvi est un village hors du temps où les habitants, derniers dépositaires d'une culture carélienne en train de disparaître, mènent une vie rude en étroite relation avec leur... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2011

The 4 seasons of Paanajärvi: the spring

    A year and a half after our first trip we're back in Paanäjarvi. This will be the first of a series of four trips that should take us there over the 4 seasons of the year to record the incredible soundscape of this small Karelian village. After the long cold and dark winter spring here is an important season. The days are getting longer and longer, the snow has melted and time has come for seeding, fishing and outdoors activities.   Over the ten days we spent there we were lucky with the weather. It... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2011

February 2011: back to Svanetia!

  A few days in Tbilissi for to discuss with our partners and we're back in Svanetia. It's winter, it's cold even if the snow just arrived for real and the main objective of this trip is to record Lamproba. Lamproba or Lampari (depending of the place) is an ancestral celebration that takes place in nearly every village of Svanetia in honor of the defunct. It last at least two days. On the first day people gather with food and drink in the center of the village and sing, toast and drink in memory of the deads. The second day or... [Lire la suite]
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27 janvier 2011

Les 4 saisons de Paanajärvi: Bourse Scam

Le projet Les quatre saisons de Paanajärvi vient de recevoir le soutien de la SCAM à travers une bourse de création de 5000e!Première session d'enregistrement fin Avril!
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17 novembre 2010

Location spoting in Svanetia

We spent the first two weeks of November with Nicolas In Georgia for the preparation of our upcoming field recording project in Svanetia, a remote moutainous region of the southern Caucasus. The project is about the soundscape and sound memory of Svanetia. We'll be working in echo to the silent 1930's documentary Djim Shvante (Salt for Svanetia) by famous director M. Kalatozov and interrogate the soundscape of the region, 80 years after the filming. It will be done in two parts: the first part is a collection of sounds, a... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2010

back to Karelia: The 4 seasons of Panaajärvi

When it looks like not much has happened this last few month we actually have been busy with Hotel Gromada writing a new field recording and composition project that should take place next year in Panaajärvi, Karelia. We already spent two weeks there last autumn and want to go back for a deeper and longer project. The juminkeko foundation is our main partner but we are now looking for more money. Here is the summary, the full project will come soon! <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> ... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2008

dimanche 2 novembre

Dimanche 2 novembre à l'Espace en Cours- Felicity Mangan (Melbourne, Australie - laptop / experimental)-http://www.myspace.com/lesson78.- Les Molaires de l'Est (Paris - field recordings / minimalism)-http://www.myspace.com/lesmolairesdelest.- Aymeric Hainaux (Paris - vocal performance)-http://www.myspace.com/aymerichainaux.- :take: (Paris - minimalism / ambient folk)-http://www.myspace.com/takesounds.18h - participation libreEspace en Cours56 rue de la Réunion75020 PARISM° Avron
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