06 juillet 2011

Amazonian Rovers sur Radio Grenouille ce Jeudi 7 juillet

La pièce Amazonian Rovers de l'album eponyme d'Hotel Gromada sera diffusée sur la très bonne radio Grenouille jeudi 7 juillet à 23h30 dans le cadre d'une programation documentaire en echo au Festival International du Documentaire de Marseille (FID). Plus d'info sur la programmation complète ici.
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08 mars 2011

February 2011: back to Svanetia!

  A few days in Tbilissi for to discuss with our partners and we're back in Svanetia. It's winter, it's cold even if the snow just arrived for real and the main objective of this trip is to record Lamproba. Lamproba or Lampari (depending of the place) is an ancestral celebration that takes place in nearly every village of Svanetia in honor of the defunct. It last at least two days. On the first day people gather with food and drink in the center of the village and sing, toast and drink in memory of the deads. The second day or... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2010

Festival Ertz

Hotel Gromada ran a workshop and played a live concert in Hasparren for the Ertz festival. the workshop went great with a great team who worked well in a very good atmosphere (live excerpts to come soon) and the concert also with lot of attention from a public whose age ran from 3 to 90! a big thanks! to everybody who made it possible more info on their website http://www.ertza.net
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22 juillet 2010

back to Karelia: The 4 seasons of Panaajärvi

When it looks like not much has happened this last few month we actually have been busy with Hotel Gromada writing a new field recording and composition project that should take place next year in Panaajärvi, Karelia. We already spent two weeks there last autumn and want to go back for a deeper and longer project. The juminkeko foundation is our main partner but we are now looking for more money. Here is the summary, the full project will come soon! <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> ... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2009

Hotel Gromada live in St Petersburg, sept 09

On our way back home from Karelia we stopped in St Petersburg to play a concert in the nice Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG 21) were we played a new version of our walkman and dictaphone set. Thank to Andrei for welcoming us!
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22 octobre 2009

Hotel gromada residency in Panajaarvi sept 09

The Juminkeko Foundation was very kind to invite Hotel Gromada to a short residency in Panajaarvi, Vienna Karelia, Russia along with Hannerina Moiseinen. The remote village of Panaajarvi is situated eastern Karelia (north-east Russia) in a region called Vienna Karelia, home of the very ancient Finnish culture. Since it was ceased to the USSR in 1944  Karelia has always been a source a bone of contention between the two countries. Nowadays, even though the official position of Finland is that there is no border/... [Lire la suite]
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19 octobre 2009

Hotel Gromada live in Finland, September 2009

Hotel Gromada played 3 concerts in Finland in september 2009. The first in Turku in galleria Titanic, the second in Tampere at Kahvila Hertta along with our friends from Teboil and the third at Juminkeko in Kuhmo. For the first two we played a special set made out of tape players, dictaphones and walkmans that are moved around the room. In Kuhmo we played a set out made out of our last release Amazonian Rovers.
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16 octobre 2009

Sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival, Tzcew, Poland 09/09

From the 28th of August to the 3rd of September I ran a sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival along with Nicolas Perret. We worked with tapes, walkmans, digital recorders and other low fi devices during a week  trying to share our working methode with the 8 participants. We worked hard in a very good atmosphere, had lot of fun, found out that the best loop in the world might well be from a Tchaikowski tape and eventually played two semi-improvised live sessions at the end. http://www.zdarzenia.com.pl/  
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29 mars 2009

Elephant And Castles first releases!

Elephant and Castles is a four-hand record label investigating and cultivating a field in between documentary, field recording, unusual sound practices and delicate music. All the releases are available both as free downloads on the website and as limited editions cdrs with home-made artwork and beautifull packaging.The releases are available from now on on cds and very soon for free download on the website:www.elephantandcastles.com EC001: Karaoke Amorella (cd) An amazing recording of a karaoke on the night ferry... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2009

Hotel Gromada live in Spain, feb 2009

Hotel Gromada toured northern Spain in February and March 2009. Gigs included: RAIart (Barcelona)ASAERC (Barcelona)La Rueda (Barcelona)Tronic Disease @Club Basico (Madrid)andLarraskito Club (Bilbao)(all the gigs in Galicia have been canceled) We also spent a whole week in Bilbao to work in Larraskito on our upcoming album which provisory name is "dejando las nubes atras". We would like to thank a lot Miguel from Larraskito for provinding us the space! Larraskito is also a great netlabel you should make sure to... [Lire la suite]
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