27 janvier 2011

Les 4 saisons de Paanajärvi: Bourse Scam

Le projet Les quatre saisons de Paanajärvi vient de recevoir le soutien de la SCAM à travers une bourse de création de 5000e!Première session d'enregistrement fin Avril!
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16 octobre 2009

Sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival, Tzcew, Poland 09/09

From the 28th of August to the 3rd of September I ran a sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival along with Nicolas Perret. We worked with tapes, walkmans, digital recorders and other low fi devices during a week  trying to share our working methode with the 8 participants. We worked hard in a very good atmosphere, had lot of fun, found out that the best loop in the world might well be from a Tchaikowski tape and eventually played two semi-improvised live sessions at the end. http://www.zdarzenia.com.pl/  
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