15 mai 2008

Hirvitalo presents: Soundgarden!


experimental and wireless sound evening with frogs!
come with your battery powered radio
hirvitalo, hirvikatu 10, pispala, tampere, finlande


The summer beginning, the idea was that the musicians would play in the house and the public would be in the garden listening on theirs radios. We build a short range FM transmitter, a proper antenna and off we went! Musicians that night included Antti & Joonas, Teemu & Timo, Hanneerina & Köpi, Mikko Lipiaïnen, Cédric Anglaret and Hirvitalo, the house itself played by Teemu, Janne, Mikko, Vellu, Mikael, Titus, Cedric and others…

You can listen to a few extracts of that night, just by clicking:

Hirvitalo Singing extract 1, extract 2, extract 3

Antti & Joonas extract

Teemu & Timo extract

Mikko Lipiaïnen extract


and watch the video (along with some footage of the micro FM workshop I gave on the next day)
filmed and edited by Kalle Kuisma for Valdema TV


Micro FM / Hirvitalo singing from Kalle Kuisma on Vimeo.

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