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01 octobre 2011

Spring in Paanäjarvi on RADIA


And the sun came up

 lundi 3 octobre à 23h30 sur Radio Grenouille

et sur les 20 radios du réseau Radia :  http://www.radia.fm

Ecouter / Listen

And the sun came up est la première pièce d'un projet initié en 2010 autour du paysage sonore du petit village russe de Paanajärvi. Isolé au milieu des grandes forêts primaires de Carélie orientale, Paanajärvi est un village hors du temps où les habitants, derniers dépositaires d'une culture carélienne en train de disparaître, mènent une vie rude en étroite relation avec leur environnement naturel. C'est la première d'une série de quatre pièces explorant chacune une saison.


Début mai, Paanajärvi bascule en quelques jours de l'hiver au printemps. La neige disparaît, les glaces libèrent la rivière et chaque jour de nouveaux oiseaux et insectes affluent tandis que des milliers de grenouilles envahissent les marais. Pour les hommes, c'est la reprise des activités en extérieur: préparation des sols pour les cultures, mise à l'eau de la barque, pêche, etc...

Radia is a network of independent radio stations who have a common interest in promoting and producing artworks for the radio, and in forming projects based on broadcasting and cultural exchange. We produce a weekly radio show that is broadcast by each of the member radio stations. Our shows represent the local artistic community of each station, whilst at the same time these new works point to an emergent collective notion of self-determined art for radio.

Les quatre saisons de Paanajärvi est soutenu par


logo-radiogrenouille logo defi jeunelogo_scam_Orange_grd_fondBlanc


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01 septembre 2011

New release on E&C: Above The Tree - Blues Action

EC007 - Above the tree - blues action - Front

Elephant and Castles is proud to announce the release of Above the Tree's new live album!

Blues Action is a live performance recorded in La Linea in Aljeciras, southern Spain in early spring 2011. A very excited audience was given a brutal and nervous concert with most of Above the Tree’s last album to date.

Available for free dow,load on www.elephantandcastles.com

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06 juillet 2011

Amazonian Rovers sur Radio Grenouille ce Jeudi 7 juillet

COVER2frontLa pièce Amazonian Rovers de l'album eponyme d'Hotel Gromada sera diffusée sur la très bonne radio Grenouille jeudi 7 juillet à 23h30 dans le cadre d'une programation documentaire en echo au Festival International du Documentaire de Marseille (FID). Plus d'info sur la programmation complète ici.


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30 mai 2011

New release on E&C: Ching Ching - We sing songs to you about you


We are proud to announce the release of Ching Ching's new album on Elephant and Castles!

We sing songs to you about you is a true masterpiece of pop oddity, german cabaret and pure joy that will make you dance, laugh and cry in 12 stormy tracks. Sometimes delicate as a flamingo feather and sometimes as nervy as Klaus Nomi it features the original Ching Ching set of piano, saw, banjo and voices plus additional beats and grooves by producer and friend Kevin Blechdom.

The whole album will be available for free download on the 1st of january 2034. Until then you can enjoy a couple of tracks and buy the album on the website!


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21 avril 2011

The 4 seasons of Paanajärvi: the spring




A year and a half after our first trip we're back in Paanäjarvi. This will be the first of a series of four trips that should take us there over the 4 seasons of the year to record the incredible soundscape of this small Karelian village.

After the long cold and dark winter spring here is an important season. The days are getting longer and longer, the snow has melted and time has come for seeding, fishing and outdoors activities.




Over the ten days we spent there we were lucky with the weather. It started with snow and wind on the first days, turned to light rain and ended in sunny and warm days announcing the summer to come. This enabled us to record a large variety of ambiances, atmospheres and activities.





What is amazing in Paanäjarvi is the limpidity of the sounds. No sound pollution there. No roads nearby, even no plane above. Every sound is very distinct and is reinforced by a very strange and strong echo created by the forest around the village.




In the end we recorded about 20 hours of sound: long ambiances by the river or the swamp, people cooking, fishing, washing, burning grass, gardening etc.., birds -new birds were arriving every day!- the sounds of the wooden house creaking in the wind, the rowing boats, ice and snow melting, the dry hard grass, the newborn frogs.. and many more!




A selection of these sounds will be presented in Paanäjarvi by the Juminkeko foundation when the project's over and meanwhile we started working on a sound piece for the radio. The next trip is not planned yet as our financial situation won't allow us to go in the summer but we have hope for a grant from the EU for the end of the year.




this project is supported by

logo defi jeunelogo_scam_Orange_grd_fondBlancand the JUMINKEKO FOUNDATION



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08 mars 2011

February 2011: back to Svanetia!



A few days in Tbilissi for to discuss with our partners and we're back in Svanetia. It's winter, it's cold even if the snow just arrived for real and the main objective of this trip is to record Lamproba. Lamproba or Lampari (depending of the place) is an ancestral celebration that takes place in nearly every village of Svanetia in honor of the defunct. It last at least two days. On the first day people gather with food and drink in the center of the village and sing, toast and drink in memory of the deads. The second day or the following night they gather in the cemetery and every family brings a bundle of firewood that is stick in the snow and left to burn while they pray.


To maximize our chances of getting some interesting recordings we split in two different villages were we recorded the celebrations and the soundscapes. (too busy recording and dealing with the local habit of celebrating with buckets of alcohol we don't have any pictures to show here)



The rest of the week was spent meeting our local contacts, getting in touch with interesting people to record on our next trip and of course recording in and around Mestia.


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27 janvier 2011

Les 4 saisons de Paanajärvi: Bourse Scam


Le projet Les quatre saisons de Paanajärvi vient de recevoir le soutien de la SCAM à travers une bourse de création de 5000e!

Première session d'enregistrement fin Avril!

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23 novembre 2010

defi jeune 2010


Bonne nouvelle de cette fin novembre, le projet "les 4 saisons de Paanäjarvi  à été primé par le jury Defi Jeune PACA et doté d'une bourse de 5000 euros!! Merci!

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17 novembre 2010

Location spoting in Svanetia


We spent the first two weeks of November with Nicolas In Georgia for the preparation of our upcoming field recording project in Svanetia, a remote moutainous region of the southern Caucasus.

The project is about the soundscape and sound memory of Svanetia. We'll be working in echo to the silent 1930's documentary Djim Shvante (Salt for Svanetia) by famous director M. Kalatozov and interrogate the soundscape of the region, 80 years after the filming. It will be done in two parts: the first part is a collection of sounds, a sound herbarium, from nature to human activity that documents the soundscape of nowadays Svanetia. The second part is a series of sound pieces in between documentary and sound art composed using the material of the collection. This will lead to a multimedia presentation including an audio installation, the presentation of the collection, a workshop and a serie of live performances as well as radio broadcasts.


We started our trip in Tbilisi where we met our local partners including the Georgian National Museum of History and Ethnography, the art organisations Geoair and Garikula and the French Culural center Alexandre Dumas. All of them will collaborate in its own way to the project.


We then took the road to Svanetia where we met the local Museum director and started to hunt a few sounds  and meeting the locals. Contacts were made and interest was shown we'll be back in the begining of 2011!

This first trip was made possible by the step beyond mobility grant of the


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08 septembre 2010

Festival Ertz


Hotel Gromada ran a workshop and played a live concert in Hasparren for the Ertz festival.

the workshop went great with a great team who worked well in a very good atmosphere


(live excerpts to come soon)

and the concert also with lot of attention from a public whose age ran from 3 to 90!


a big thanks! to everybody who made it possible

more info on their website


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03 septembre 2010

La pointe de l'iceberg nouvelle saison!


       Malgré les coup durs portés aux pôles, la pointe redémarre, toujours pointue et s'aventurant de plus en plus loin pour cette nouvelle saison 2010 - 2011. Au menu de cette première émission entre autres Paul Metzger et sa guitare, Chris Watson en Ecosse, du Huayno péruvien, la très bonne compilation Slow music from Africa accompagnée du Staff Banda Bilili, Gonjasufi, un extrait du nouvel album de :take: et de Gil Scot Heron et un passage à Paanajärvi, petit village de Carelie se préparant pour l'hiver...  Première diffusion sur RGB le lundi 13 septembre à 20h.

Nouveauté pour cette année en plus de la diffusion bi-mensuelle  le lundi à 20h sur RGB à Cergy l'émission sera diffusée sur Radio Panik à Bruxelles et sur Radio Kultura au pays Basque.

Comme toujours, toutes les playlists, le podcast et les anciennes émissions en écoute sur le site de l'émission www.lapointedeliceberg.tk

et nos nouveaux partenaires sur leurs sites:



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22 juillet 2010

back to Karelia: The 4 seasons of Panaajärvi


When it looks like not much has happened this last few month we actually have been busy with Hotel Gromada writing a new field recording and composition project that should take place next year in Panaajärvi, Karelia. We already spent two weeks there last autumn and want to go back for a deeper and longer project. The juminkeko foundation is our main partner but we are now looking for more money. Here is the summary, the full project will come soon!

When Vienna Karelia, the cradle of Finnish culture is annexed by soviet USSR in 1944 everything  belonging to the Finnish past seems to be bound to oblivion. Forced migrations, cultural repression and dreams of a better future are the major factors of the extinction of the traditional Karelian culture. However, today, 20 years after the collapse of the soviet union and the opening of the borders, Vienna Karelia, still circled by primitive forest has its share of  guarded secrets.

Build on the banks of the Kemijoki river, Paanajärvi -for the Finnish, Panosera for the Russian- is one of the oldest village of oriental Karelia. Its location and remoteness combined to the ban on new constructions because of a dam project which has been on for years contributed to the preservation of the village. Paanajärvi still lives in a close relationship with its environment and the monastic life of its inhabitants questions the visitor. It is still the case in 2010 but such a way of life is endangered for two reasons: if the project of a dam is brought to fruition the water will raise and inundate the village while the time slowly passing is the worst enemy of a culture which is fading away.

The 4 seasons of Paanajärvi is a project of collection of the soundscape which in its singularity and purity offers a wide range of variations over the seasons. Ambient sounds, accounts given by the inhabitants and compositions will be mixed together in a 4 acts project to create a diffracted portrait of this transforming village and its disappearing world.

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22 mai 2010

Elephant and Castles: NEW WEBSITE!


Elephant and Castles now has a brand new great looking website! New features are easy free download, online shop and artists pages. It will also be updated regularly with news from the bands and projects. Many thanks to Gilles and Patrick for their time, patience and work!

check it here:www.elephantandcastles.com

Next releases are expected for the autumn with a cd and a 10" vynil.


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23 janvier 2010

Cook Cook Show!


I will be producing a show for the new best show on the best Polish radio on sunday the 24th. It's the Cook Cook show on radio Sitka and it runs every two sundays at 10pm... You can listen live on radio sitka's website and check out the playlist, download and listen on the Cook Cook Show's very own myspace

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09 novembre 2009

((SONAR.2)), 13 novembre, salle Eiffel, Nouméa, Nvlle Caledonie


même de loin la programation continue!


(Sonar)) est une soirée consacrée à l’écoute, une porte ouverte sur des mondes musicaux et sonores hors des sentiers battus et parfois méconnus.

Fort du succès de sa première édition ((Sonar)) revient (!) pour une seconde édition consacrée a la voix. Volontairement éclectique la programmation proposera une sélection d’artistes ayant pour point commun de placer l’organe vocal au centre de leur travail. Poésie sonore, chant traditionnel, expérimentation vocale, improvisation, composition, paroles, souffles, grognements, chants, claquements de langue etc… La voix sous toutes ses formes vous taquinera les oreilles.

((Sonar)) se veut un moment privilégié d'écoute et de découverte, une diffusion d'oeuvres proposée comme une stimulation auditive qui ne devrait pas laisser indifférent.

(Sonar.2)), Vendredi 13 novembre à 19h, Bibliothèque Bernheim, salle Eiffel, entrée libre et gratuite. Renseignements par téléphone au 24 20 90

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26 octobre 2009

Hotel Gromada live in St Petersburg, sept 09


On our way back home from Karelia we stopped in St Petersburg to play a concert in the nice Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG 21) were we played a new version of our walkman and dictaphone set. Thank to Andrei for welcoming us!

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22 octobre 2009

Hotel gromada residency in Panajaarvi sept 09


The Juminkeko Foundation was very kind to invite Hotel Gromada to a short residency in Panajaarvi, Vienna Karelia, Russia along with Hannerina Moiseinen.

The remote village of Panaajarvi is situated eastern Karelia (north-east Russia) in a region called Vienna Karelia, home of the very ancient Finnish culture. Since it was ceased to the USSR in 1944  Karelia has always been a source a bone of contention between the two countries. Nowadays, even though the official position of Finland is that there is no border/ territorry claim whatsoever lots of people still feel Karelia is Finnish land. A recent exemple made it to the media (in french).

We were invited to work on the soundscape and thus recorded quite a few things even though the main sound there was the total absence of it and our gear would not permit such precise recordings... These sounds will be used in our future compositions. We also played a (crowded!) concert in the old village ancient church (turned into a disco during soviet time and now abandoned), picked up mushrooms and lingamberries, rowed up and down the river and enjoyed the silence...

More on Panajaarvi here and the Juminkeko Foundation on their website: http://www.juminkeko.fi/

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19 octobre 2009

Hotel Gromada live in Finland, September 2009


Hotel Gromada played 3 concerts in Finland in september 2009. The first in Turku in galleria Titanic, the second in Tampere at Kahvila Hertta along with our friends from Teboil and the third at Juminkeko in Kuhmo. For the first two we played a special set made out of tape players, dictaphones and walkmans that are moved around the room. In Kuhmo we played a set out made out of our last release Amazonian Rovers.

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16 octobre 2009

Sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival, Tzcew, Poland 09/09

From the 28th of August to the 3rd of September I ran a sound workshop in Zdarzenia festival along with Nicolas Perret. We worked with tapes, walkmans, digital recorders and other low fi devices during a week  trying to share our working methode with the 8 participants. We worked hard in a very good atmosphere, had lot of fun, found out that the best loop in the world might well be from a Tchaikowski tape and eventually played two semi-improvised live sessions at the end.



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17 août 2009

Amateur Radio in Nouméa, New Caledonia


I've been in Nouméa, New Caledonia, for a few month now and  appart from radio rex and ((Sonar)) which have their own entries here I have been working on several project including radio pieces which are still to be finished and which led me to record a few thing around here. Some of them are sessions with amateur radio enthusiast Sam, president of the "Association Radio Amateur de Nouvelle Caledonie" who generously shared his passion with me.

You can listen to short edit of it here (in French)

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